2017 Changes to EHS ICON Training

January 1, 2017 brought a new look to EHS ICON training courses. As in previous years, it is important that you re- register for each ICON training course to guarantee that your completion record is updated properly in the UI's training system.  

All paid and non-paid faculty, staff, students, and guests must register for training courses at the following link, ICON Safety Training Information each year.  As a reminder, all EHS course numbers start with the letter “W” (example W005BO), differentiating them from UIHC courses.

Note: Students now need to register for each course individually, as the ICON “Student Safety Courses” link is no longer available.

The following biosafety courses have been transferred into Storyline (providing a more interactive delivery system):  

  • W004BO – Basic Biological Safety
  • W132BO – Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher
  • W520BO -  Biological Safety Cabinets
  • W527BO – Dual Research of Concern
  • W137BO – Recombinant rDNA
  • W481BO – Stem Cell Research
  • W006BO – Toxins, Select Agent Quantity

NOTE: If you have taken one of the above Storyline courses and subsequently received an email with the subject line: “Assignment Graded”, PLEASE DISREGARD THE MESSAGE.  Due to this new online training platform, any changes made to Storyline courses will generate another message stating that the quiz has been graded; however, no subsequent action on your part is needed.

Please contact Christal Quigley, (335-8502) or email; christal-quigley@uiowa.edu  if you have any questions.