1.5 Responsibilities of the Principal Investigator

The PI is ultimately responsible for the use of radioactive materials listed on his/her application and keeping the authorization current.  This includes responsibility for ensuring that:

  • Personnel receive EHS radiation safety training as required and adhere to radiation safety policies and regulations.
  • Provide and document site specific radiation & hazard awareness training for your personnel that covers safe handling of all hazardous materials involved in their work in your lab.  
  • Provide direct supervision of inexperienced personnel using radioactive materials during initial uses.
  • An accurate inventory of radioactive material in your possession shall be maintained.  Each PI is expected to maintain an auditable record of all radioactive material from the time of acquisition through use, storage, and final disposition as radioactive waste or transfer to another approved individual.  Inventory records should be maintained for three years and available for inspection.
  • Radiation surveys of radioactive materials use areas are performed and documented sufficiently to control contamination and maintain exposures "as low as reasonably achievable" (ALARA).
  • A copy of the Radiation Protection Guide should be available to individuals listed on the PI’s radioactive materials authorization.  The PI is responsible for ensuring that individuals using radioactive materials under his/her supervision are familiar with the content of this guide.
  • The EHS is notified of all spills involving radioactive materials as soon as possible.  Report all missing sources and incidents of personnel contamination to EHS immediately.