14.0 Accident Reporting

Refer to Section 34.2 of the University Operations Manual for the complete policy. The main requirements are:

  • All injuries must be reported immediately by the injured employee to his/her supervisor.
  • The supervisor must submit the First Report of Injury Form within 24 hours. This form is available through HR Employee Self-Service. Late forms are assessed penalty charges which are passed back to the department in which the incident occurred. Questions on the form or claim should be directed to Staff Benefits Office.

Supervisors and/or departments should investigate the cause or causes of incidents to prevent reoccurrence. Contact the Environmental Health & Safety for assistance if needed. Follow-up should be done by the department to ensure that corrective action has been taken.

Departments may request an accident/incident summary for their area from the Environmental Health & Safety. This summary includes the incident date, type and description, name, occupation, and days lost.