13.2 Decay-In-Storage

Departments possessing adequately shielded facilities may hold radioactive material with physical half-lives less than 90 days for decay-in-storage before disposal as ordinary trash, provided the following conditions are met:

  • The radioactive material is held for decay a minimum of 10 half-lives;
  • The radioactivity at the container surface cannot be distinguished from the background radiation level with a radiation detection survey instrument set on its most sensitive scale and with no interposed shielding;
  • All radiation labels are removed or obliterated; and
  • A record is maintained that includes the date of the disposal, the date on which the radioactive material was placed in storage, the radionuclides disposed, the model and serial number of the survey instrument used, the background radiation exposure rate, the radiation exposure rate measured at the surface of each waste container, and the name of the individual who performed the disposal.  Decay-in-storage records shall be retained for 3 years and available for inspection.