1.3 Orphan Spill Response Team (OSRT)

1.3.1 Purpose​

The OSRT is a group of individuals operating under the direction of the BET whose responsibility is to perform the actual clean up and proper disposal of orphan spills occurring in public areas of their buildings when no one is willing to assume responsibility for creation or remediation of the spill.

The purpose of the orphan spill team is to be willing and capable of remediating an unclaimed minor spill discovered in the BET’s area of responsibility. An orphan spill is one that occurs in a hall, stairway or public area belonging to the operational area of the BET. The Orphan Spill Response Team (OSRT) acts under the direction of the BET who will determine which minor spills are the responsibility of their team.

1.3.2 Membership

Members of the OSRT are appointed by the BET. When possible, it may be advisable for OSRT members to also serve on the BET. OSRT members must be trained in remediation of minor chemical spills. It is preferable for members of the OSRT to be recruited from the labs or possess some knowledge of laboratories. All OSRT members should have some knowledge of the chemicals being used in the building.

Buildings with more than one floor or department may wish to create an OSRT for each floor or departmental area. If this occurs, EHS will determine if the multi-OSRTs should either each have their own spill cart or share a spill cart. OSRT training will be offered and facilitated by EHS.

1.3.3 Responsibilities

The OSRT will be called upon to remediate spills that have been abandoned or are in public thoroughfares, hallways, stairs and the like. The decision as to which spills the OSRT will respond to is the responsibility of the BET.

Orphan Spill Response Procedures:

  • BET assembles OSRT members for response.
  • BET/OSRT communicates to building occupants; signs, verbal.
  • Contact EHS regarding waste collection.

It is the OSRT leader’s responsibility to restock the spill cart after each incident and return the cart to its storage location.