12.4 Personal Contamination and Injury

Remove contaminated clothing and flood the exposed area with warm water and wash with a mild soap.  Continue until contamination has been removed or upon the advice of EHS.  Avoid the use of abrasive materials that could injure skin and increase absorption.  

Do not use organic solvents because these compounds may increase the probability of the radioactive material penetrating the pores of the skin.  In some instances, it may be possible to cover that contaminated area with plastic wrap to induce perspiration that can help remove contamination from the skin.  Notify EHS of all incidents involving personal contamination without delay.

Do not delay medical attention because of radioactive contamination.  Medical attention is available 24 hours a day at the UIHC’s Emergency Treatment Center, or call 356-2233.  Report all personal injuries as required to your supervisor and EHS.

Minor injuries  

Wash with soap and water to remove contamination.

Major injuries  

Call 195 within the UIHC or 911 outside the UIHC and provide medical treatment according to the nature of the injury.

Splash in Eyes  

Immediately rinse eyes with water, continuing for 15 minutes.  Obtain medical attention as needed.