12.4 Notice to Workers and Reporting Violations

State regulations require the University to provide workers access to certain notices, instructions and reports and the options available to individuals in conjunction with IDPH inspections, safety concerns and suspected violations.

  • Your Right to Inspect Documents Concerning Licensed Activities. University employees are advised that they may examine copies of the following documents by contacting EHS at 335-8517:
    - Iowa Department of Public Health Regulations for Radiation Machines and Radioactive Materials
    - The University’s Broadscope License
    - Your individual monthly dosimeter report 
    - IDPH inspection reports
  • Reporting Concerns and Violations.  If you believe that a violation of state regulations or this facility’s broadscope license conditions has occurred, you should report the violation to the authorized user supervising the work or area involved.  If you believe that adequate corrective action has not been taken, you should notify the Radiation Safety Officer at 335-8517.  If the violation has not been resolved through intra-facility channels, you have the right to contact the Bureau of Radiological Health, IDPH, at 515-281-3478 (after hours 515-323-4360.)
  • Notice to Workers.  State regulations require that the “Notice to Workers” posting is available to radiation workers.  This posting is displayed in various locations throughout the University and is available at EHS's web site.  It provides information regarding your responsibilities as a radiation worker and those of your employer, including the location on campus where the regulations and regulatory correspondence can be reviewed, and the location and phone numbers of the IDPH.