12.3 Radioactive Materials License

The use of radioactive materials at The University of Iowa is conducted under the authority of the University’s “broadscope academic-medical license” issued by the IDPH.  This type of license allows the University considerable flexibility in its use of radioactive materials in exchange for the establishment of a radiation safety program for managing their use.  

The broadscope license has one feature that should be remembered by each radioactive material user: there is only one license for the entire University and University Hospitals.  Any individual or action that jeopardizes the license endangers the permission of all research and medical use of radioactive materials at The University of Iowa.  Therefore, this license places significant responsibility on individuals who use radioactive materials to conform to safe work practices, and to conduct and complete all required compliance activities in the course of their use of radioactive materials.

Permission to use radioactive materials or radiation-producing machines at The University of Iowa does not constitute permission to use the same materials or machines at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center (VAMC).  The VAMC is a federal agency regulated by the VA’s National Health Physics Program and the NRC.  The VAMC has its own separate radioactive materials license and radiation safety officer.