12.2 Spill Response Guidance

Collect Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all hazardous chemicals that may be used in conjunction with radioactive materials work.  Maintain a call list (daytime and after-hours) of individuals who should be notified in the event of a spill.  Maintain appropriate spill response supplies.  These can be obtained from lab safety suppliers, and the University’s General, Biochemistry and Chemistry Stores.

Some general guidelines include:

  • Report all spills and personnel contamination to EHS (335-8501) and your supervisor or the authorized user for your department.
  • Notify others in the area that a spill has occurred and restrict access to the area to avoid the spread of contamination.
  • If the spill involves other hazards such as a serious personal injury or fire, call 195 within the UIHC or 911 outside the UIHC.
  • In the event of personal injury, do not delay medical assistance because of the possibility of contamination.
  • Monitor uninjured individuals for possible contamination prior to their leaving the area.  Monitoring should include hands, feet and soles of shoes.
  • In the event of a spill or emergency, do not risk contamination unless not doing so would cause a significant safety risk.
  • If necessary, cover the spill with absorbent material to prevent the spread of contamination.
  • Survey the area, as appropriate, to determine the extent of the contamination.  Wear appropriate protective apparel such as shoe covers, disposable gloves, and a lab coat when cleaning up a radioactive materials spill.