12.0 Handling Abandoned/Orphaned Controlled Substances

“Orphan” DEA controlled substances: Occasionally, a controlled substance is found but the ‘owner’ is not known or has left the UI. The substances may have been purchased before they were classified as controlled substances, may have abandoned during the process of closing down a laboratory, or other extenuating circumstances. In these types of situations, the controlled substance is called an “Orphan” controlled substance. An official from the responsible department must take temporary possession of “orphan” controlled substances and work to ensure it is properly stored, prior to its destruction. 

The department must contact EHS at 335-8501 (or Bill Murray, 335-4624) for proper destruction of the abandoned/orphaned controlled substances by providing the following information: (a) Registrant's Name (if known); (b) DEA Registration number (if available); (c) location where the Orphan was found (lab number, building, and originating department); (d) name of the controlled substance; (e) controlled substance content in each individual container; (f) number of containers; and (g) size of each container.