11.3 Fluoroscopy Patient Safety Information

During some fluoroscopically guided procedures, patient skin entrance exposure rates can be as high as 10-20 rad/min.  Radiation-induced skin injuries can occur with absorbed skin doses of approximately 300 rads. 

  • For fluoroscopically guided procedures, the cumulative fluoroscopic exposure time and the number of spot films for each examination shall be recorded.  The average technique factors should be recorded for each patient.
  • Patients receiving a cumulative skin exposure in excess of 100 rad should have the exposure noted in their medical record and/or be made aware of the potential for skin injury.    
  • It is important to note that the skin injury may not appear until several weeks or months after the exposure.  

Use the following techniques whenever possible to reduce radiation exposure to the patient and X-ray staff.

  • Minimize fluoroscopic beam-on time.  Utilize the image hold function when appropriate. 
  • Use normal image mode instead of the magnification mode.
  • Collimate the beam to expose only the clinical area of interest.
  • Position the image intensifier as close as possible to the patient.
  • Do not alter or modify fluoroscopic equipment.