11.2 Fluoroscopy Safety Information

  • All personnel present during fluoroscopic procedures are required to wear lead aprons.
  • Be aware of the location of the primary beam.
  • Whenever possible, remain at least 2 meters from the point where the primary beam enters the patient.
  • Radiation doses during image recording can be significantly higher than during normal fluoroscopy.
  • Mobile C-arms have no built-in shielding to reduce radiation scatter.  Scatter can be 100-200 mrad/hour next to the patient and 10-20 mrad/hour at the unit controls.
  • Bi-plane units have the potential to produce scatter radiation as high as 200-300 mrad/hour at tableside and 30-50 mrad/hour at 1 meter.  It is important to remember that as the orientation of the X-ray tube changes, so does the location and magnitude of the scattered radiation.
  • Use mobile shields for persons seated near the procedure table during fluoroscopy procedures.  Shields are recommended, for example, during angiography so that the physician has a barrier to step behind during rapid filming.