11.1 General Precautions

  1. Maintain a list of hazardous chemicals used or stored.
  2. Assure all containers are in good condition and properly labeled.
  3. Review stored items at least yearly, more frequently for age-sensitive materials. Ensure containers and caps are in good condition. Ensure materials are stable.
  4. Do not store chemicals in alphabetical order unless they are already segregated by hazard category.
  5. Do not store incompatible chemicals in close proximity to each other.
  6. Avoid floor chemical storage.
  7. Provide anti-roll lips on shelves.
  8. Provide shelving that can be cleaned and won't soak up spilled chemicals.
  9. Store chemicals below eye level.
  10. Do not store chemicals on top of shelving units or on top of flammable storage cabinets.
  11. Avoid use of adjustable supports with clips.
  12. Store severe poisons in a dedicated cabinet.
  13. Store oxidizing acids in secondary containers.
  14. Label storage areas by chemical group.
  15. Store flammable liquid quantities over 10 gallons in flammable storage cabinets. See also storage procedures for flammable and combustible liquids.