11.0 Disposal of Controlled Substances

The disposal of controlled substances is the final action necessary to ensure proper management of controlled substances.

As of April 2013, EHS has been approved by the DEA to dispose of controlled substances through the application of an approved procedure. Licensed researchers who want to dispose of controlled substances that are mixed with hazardous chemical waste must consult with EHS to ensure compliance with RCRA regulations.

Each licensed researcher is ultimately responsible to ensure controlled substances are properly disposed of and all necessary disposal forms are completed and submitted to the appropriate agency.  To dispose of outdated, damaged, or otherwise unusable or unwanted controlled substances, contact EHS at 5-8501 (or Bill Murray at 5-4624).

The typical EHS procedure for disposal of expired/residual controlled substances (injectable solution) is summarized below:

  • The laboratory notifies EHS that it has a controlled substance that needs disposal;
  • An EHS representative will visit the lab prior to disposal;
  • On the agreed upon date of disposal, EHS will bring a Controlled Substance Disposal Kit and provide directions on how to conduct the disposal;
  • Disposal will be conducted by the Registrant or their duly appointed authorized employee and witnessed by an EHS employee;
  • Disposal consists of blending an aqueous solution of the controlled substance within a container of kitty litter; and
  • EHS will take possession of and dispose of the container of controlled substance/kitty litter blend.