1.1 EPP Purpose

The purpose of this written Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) is to assist with the planning, education and subsequent response to a major or minor chemical spill. This plan is designed to help you put into place the necessary resources to maximize your ability to respond to an incident and to minimize injuries, damage, and disruption to normal operations. Preparedness planning will help you judge the difference between a major and minor spill in order to determine whether you are capable of remediating the spill or need assistance from local emergency responders.

The EPP is written in template form for the purpose of guiding departments and/or building occupants through the process of establishing their own Building Emergency Teams (BET). The EPP details what training is necessary to fulfill team responsibilities, helps you understand the team’s role in communicating information to the local emergency responders for a major spill and explains the BET’s responsibilities for addressing “orphan spills.”