10.7 Security and Biosafety

A written security plan has been developed and implemented at the University regarding select agent and toxin possession, use and transfer.  This plan is designed to safeguard against unauthorized access, theft, loss or release of the agents and toxins.  All entries into an area containing select agents or toxins must be documented, including the name of the individual, name of the escort (if appropriate), reason for entry, and the date and time of entry.  

A written biosafety plan is also in effect, describing the biosafety and containment procedures (e.g., physical structure and features of the entity and operational and procedural safeguards).  All individuals with access to select agents or toxins are required to read, review and adhere to the security and biosafety plans.  Annual review of both plans will take place and drills or exercises to test the efficiency of each plan will be carried out.  Any necessary revision of the security and/or biosafety plan will take place after a drill or exercise and after any incident.