10.4 Restricting Access to Select Agents and Toxins

Any individual who wishes to have access to a select agent or toxin must first be approved by the HHS Secretary, following a security risk assessment by the Attorney General.  An individual is defined as having access at any time if he/she has possession of a select agent or toxin (e.g., ability to carry, use or manipulate) or the ability to gain possession of a select agent or toxin.  In order to obtain access approval, an individual must first contact the RO at the University and make a formal request.  The RO will initiate the application process, requesting a unique identification number for the individual from CDC and accompanying the individual to DPS (Department of Public Safety) to complete special fingerprint cards and special forms for an FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) background check.  After CDC has received clearance for the individual from the FBI, a letter will be sent to the RO regarding access approval.  The CDC approval memo will be forwarded to the specified individuals in each BSL3 facility.  Each individual must subsequently complete all training and medical surveillance requirements for the facility before access to the agents an area be granted.

Access approval is valid for 5 years; at this time, if continued access is warranted for the individual, a new risk assessment must be completed.  At any time an individual’s access to select agents or toxins is terminated, the RO must notify CDC of the termination and the reasons thereof.  The RO is required to maintain an updated record of all individuals granted access approval.