10.0 Waste Disposal

  • Do not mix HF with other laboratory generated waste.
  • Use polyethylene bottles and polyethylene caps for collecting solution containing HF.
  • Label waste containers with hazardous waste labels.
  • Dispose of HF through EHS by completing an online hazardous waste pickup form.

When labeling the waste bottles, researchers must not abbreviate hydrofluoric acid as HF. HF is highly reactive with silica and will attack glass bottles with the formation of toxic SiF4. Therefore, HF waste must be collected in a chemically compatible container. Non-reactive HF compatible containers include PE, PP or PTFE bottles.

  • HF waste should not be mixed with any other laboratory waste.
  • Researchers using boric acid to neutralize HF as water soluble fluoroboric acid should collect the resulting solution for disposal by EHS.
  • A waste pickup request must be submitted to EHS. Use the EHS online hazardous waste pickup form for the disposal of HF waste.