10.0 Emergency and Spill Response Procedures

Each radioactive material user must be ready and equipped to handle a radiological spill or emergency.  Information and knowledge concerning the type of radioactive materials being used, the availability of adequate spill response supplies, and knowing when and who to call for assistance are all critical elements needed to effectively respond to any type of radioactive material incident.  No one should work with radioactive material unless they have received proper training.  It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure that personnel are trained and periodically practice likely spill or emergency response scenarios. EHS is available to provide guidance, training and support regarding spill and emergency response strategies and management.

Emergency and spill response procedures are required to be developed and readily available to personnel as a condition of radioactive materials use authorization.  The information should include recognition of spills and emergencies; how to handle the spill/emergency; first aid, containment and clean up.  Keep this information up-to-date.