1.0 Scope and Application

The Federal OSHA Lab Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1450, was adopted by the Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSH) and therefore applies to The University of Iowa. It applies to all laboratory employees working on laboratory scale operations involving laboratory use of hazardous chemicals and requires the implementation of a written Chemical Hygiene Plan by each employer with the applicable laboratory employees.

How To Use This Plan

  • This revised chemical hygiene plan is not required to be printed and maintained as a hard copy document.  However, this plan must be easily accessible to all laboratory employees and workers during their working hours.
  • Assure that new employees receive required lab safety training and review this plan prior to beginning work with chemicals in the lab then review this plan annually.

Things you need that are not in the plan

  • Lab-specific training, lab-unique operating procedures developed with safety information for more hazardous chemicals or processes, and
  • Resources to complement the plan (listed as links throughout the plan but are separate from the plan)

Additional chemical hygiene resources are available at https://ehs.research.uiowa.edu/chemical-safety